Airport "Link" business lounge


The "Link Lounge" at the Chinggis Khaan International Airport is serving all passengers, regardless of the category of the ticket along with their relatives and friends who are either greeting or seeing off.
We are providing to all our honored guests, business partners and, tourists visiting Mongolia with an exlent service in a comfortable environment with capacity up to 70 guests at a time.

The "Link" Lounge provides security services from the Border and CIQ in one location.

The lounge service fee includes hot meals, cold snacks, drinks, wine, vodka, beer, juice, high-speed unlimited internet, a smoking room, a children's room, and a comfortable environment.
In order to provide comfort before and after your flight, the "Link" Lounge is aiming to provide service at a high level.

Location: Passenger Terminal building, 2nd floor. Next to the check-in counter-1


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