We, New Ulaanbaatar International Airport LLC, are pleased to announce that the New Ulaanbaatar International Airport (official name “Chinggis Khaan International Airport“) will be officially opened on July 4, 2021. The new airport will be operated for 15 years in accordance with the Concession Agreement between the Government of Mongolia and us.  We would like to draw your kind attention that all the commercial flights will be transferred to the Chinggis Khaan International Airport from the current Buyant-Ukhaa International Airport as of July 4.

On the occasion of the inauguration of the airport, the opening ceremony is scheduled at the new airport in the morning on July 4, 2021. In conjunction with the relevant Authorities’ instructions and preventive measures for COVID-19, we would like to seek your kind understanding and cooperation for the followings:

  1. Until 13:00 PM on July 4, 2021, only boarding passengers for the 11:50 AM flight to Tokyo, Narita (Japan) and guests invited to the ceremony can enter the Passenger Terminal Building after checking the boarding pass or invitation card to the ceremony by our airport staff at the entrance on the second floor of the Passenger Terminal Building.
  2. Visitors can enter the Passenger Terminal Building after 13:00 PM on July 4, 2021 and can shop at shops in general areas and use restaurants. In order to prevent infection of COVID-19, our airport staff may ask you to present the certificate for full vaccination of 2 doses of coronavirus immunization, medical certificate if they have recovered from the infection, or negative result of PCR test in 72 hours at the entrance of the Passenger Terminal Building. Also, all the visitors will be subjected to the body temperature at the entrance.
  3. For inquiry for access to the new airport by public transportation, please kindly refer to the following website.




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  1. If you have any questions or queries, please contact the followings.

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